"[The cast gives] their all in a small, bare space in the service of Shakespeare, unencumbered by a big-budget set, guided by a director with a vision as keen and a hand as sure as any in the business."


My directing marries intense textual scholarship with Viewpoints and Chekhov-inspired movement work, resulting in staging that is elegant even in its moments of violence, pain, and death. I direct from a feminist perspective, investigating the misogyny inherent in early modern texts and highlighting female narratives. As an arts administrator, I am known for bold and ambitious programming, including urgent re-interpretations of old plays to speak to today’s concerns. I strive to lead with an intersectional feminist, anti-racist ethos where people of all backgrounds feel welcome to show up as their authentic selves and their personal allowed ownership of Shakespeare and other classical texts is fully encouraged and supported.

"[This production of The Changeling] puts a critique of sexual violence and rape culture at the center of its production. After seeing it, a group of us said to one another: I want to write about this production; I want to teach with *this production* every time I teach the play."